Sugarloaf Resort Tour

You will get views of Sugarloaf from as far away as Kingfield, but when you drive around "Oh My Gosh Corner" you will see just how big this mountain is, several miles later you will see the Sugarloaf Sign, take a left, its 2.2 miles to The Superquad, first you will drive by The Rack which you can't miss on your right, on your left you will see the CVA soccer field and the entrance  to the new CVA campus

After you pass The Rack and CVA campus, you come to one of Sugarloaf's Newest Developments, Spruce Knoll, 33 lots with amazing views and as you continue up the access road you will see roads leading into Sugarloaf Village and Twinbrook.
The next Road that you will come to, before the Check In center would be The East Mountain Road which Services the Snowbrook Village Area. Snowbrook Village has over 160 condos. The Snowbrook condos are some of the newest condos you will find at Sugarloaf. Snowbrook Village also has its own Health Club complete with exercise equipment, large pool, hot tubs, and jacuzzi. They also have there very own skating pond. Snowbrook is served by the Snubber triple chair or you can hop on one of the many shuttle buses and be whisked on your way to the base area.
After the East Mountain Road as you continue your way up the Sugarloaf Access Road you will come to The Sugarloaf check In center on your right. This is where you pick up and drop off your keys to your condo.
After the Check In center, you come to a road which leads to the Sugarloaf Property support and The Golf Course Maintenance building
The next road you come across would be Winters Way condo development, Some of Sugarloa Newest Condos. These new condos have excelent access to the Snubber Triple chair and incredible views of Sugarloaf and The Bigelow range.
Next you come to the New Fall Line Condo Development
As you travel farther up the access road you come to the West Mountain Road. On the way up West Mountain the first road on your right goes to Village on the Green and Cranberry Circle. Village on The Green and Cranberry Circle feature Homes that are built on and near the golf course. There are several Village On The Green homes that are for sale now.

As you continue on your way up the West Mountain road you again turn right and that takes you to the the bottom of the West Mountain double chair and West Mountain Golf club clubhouse. This is also where the golf course begins. You can also hike to a waterfall and Sugarloaf's Snowmaking Reservoir.  You will also find the Winterstick headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Farther up the West Mountain road, you first come to Penobscot Circle which features 5 - 6 condominium buildings and several private homes.  On the right side of the road you will find the Timberline Condos.

Up the West Mountain road even farther is Kennebec and Sandy River Circles.
The next road you come to on your journey up the Sugarloaf access road is the Mountainside Road which is an access road itself.

The first road you come to on the Mountainside road is the Snowflower Road. Their are 11 buildings in the Snowflower complex. You also have access to the Snubber triple chair.

On Snowflower's Road you turn a right before you get to the Snowflower condos and you enter the Northwoods development. Northwoods is a community of 21 trailside homesites situated in the heart of the resort. 

After the Snowflower Road, you come to the Westwind building with 18 condos.

Across the Road from Westwind you find Birchwood Lane, home to The Black Bear Lodges on the right and the Birchwood condos further up the road, these are some of Sugarloaf's first condos

As your Journey continues up the Mountainside Road, you come to The Sugartree Health Club on the right side of the road and the Timberwind condos on the other side of the road.
The Sugartree Health Club has hot tubs, a climbing wall, A pool, weight room, suanas and other ammenities. You may also recieve a massage at The Sugartree Health Club. This place is home to many condos also, some of which are for sale.

Timberwind is a great place to stay, your right across from the Sugartree Health Club and The mid station of the Snubber triple chair is just outside your door. What else could you want. Their is also a recreation room, outdoor hot tub, and ski tuning facility in Timberwind.

After you go past Timberwind, you drive under the Snubber triple chair and you come to The Commons which are located on both sides of the road.
At the end of the Commons Circle road A new real estate development has been built called Spruce Creek, which is 3 buildings each containing 4 townhouses
Next as you continue up the road you come to The Sugarloaf Inn road and the Woody Creek Road. The Sugarloaf Inn is located at the bottom of The Birches slope. The Sugarloaf Inn is home to The Shipyard Brewhuas plus many condo's.  
Woody Creek is home to many private homes

After Woody Creek, you then come to Spaulding Mountain Way and Spaulding Road

Continueing on your way up the Mountainside Road, you then come to Glade Court on one side of the road and the Old Inn road on the other side of the road. The Glade Court Condo's have great views of the mountain especially the Whiffletree area

After Glade Court, you then come to Crocker Mountain Road and Hamlet Circle. Hamlet circle contains a few private homes that are located on the Birches slope.
After The Crocker Mtn Road, you then come to Burnt Mtn Road and then Bigelow Mtn Road
The Next Road is Bigelow Mtn Road on the left hand side of the road

After Bigelow Mtn Road, you continue up to Adams Mountain Road on your right then Caribou Mountain Road on your left and then Bear Mountain Road on your right.

Further up the Mountainside Road you come to Dear Mountain Road on your left, and MT. Blue Road on your right

Next is Maple Drive on your left and Fox Fire on your right
Continueing on farther up the Sugarloaf Mountainside Road, you then come to Oak Drive on your left, and Kibby Mtn Road on your right
Next as you continue your journey up the mountainside road is Beech Road on your left and Moose Mountain Road on your right

After Beech and Moose Mountain Roads, you then come to Walden Circle on the right side of the road

Finally your at the end of the mountainside road and your at the Wangans

Now that was your tour of the mountainside road, now as you continue up the Sugarloaf access road you come to upper and lower parking lots 5 which is located on the right hand side of the road.

Next on the way up the access road is Parking lot 4 also located on the right hand side of the road

After Lot 4 you then come to The New Timbers Development containing 7 new buildings

After The Timbers you then come to Parking lot 3 on the left side of the road

After Lot 3 you then come to Bus Parking on the right side of the road
After the Bus Parking you then come to Lot 2 on the left side of the road

Well, what comes before 2, you then come to lot 1 after lot 2, this is also located on the left hand side of the road

As you continue on your way up the road past Lot 1, you then come to the Administration Building, Where all of the offices of management are located
After Admin, you then come to 60 minute parking and the Sugarloaf/USA Village Area, which consists of The Base Lodge, The Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, The Sugarloaf Competition Center, Village Center, Village South and Village West.

The Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel is home to some of the nicest accomodations Sugarloaf/USA has to offer. Also 45 North Restaurant is located inside the Hotel. the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel is also the home of its very own Sports and Fitness Club. On the upper level of the Hotel, you will find Moutainside Real Estate, Mountain Munchies and Java Joes

Also in the village area besides the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel is the Sugarloaf/USA Base Lodge. In the Base Lodge on the first floor you can find Guest Services as you enter the lodge on your left and the ticket desks on the right. Also on the 1st floor on the lodge you can find Perfect Turn, The Mountain Magic Room where little kids ski school meets, . Plus you can also find bathrooms located near Mtn Magic

On the next floor of the Sugarloaf/USA Base Lodge, you can find the Narrow Gauge Station a great cafateria style eatery, also on this floor is The King Pine Room and the Maple Room, Soup For you and Urban Sugar Donuts
Also in the Sugarloaf/USA Base Lodge, you can find The Widowmaker Lounge, The Loft, and The Ski and Snowboard Rental Shop

Just East of the Sugarloaf/USA Base Lodge you can find The Sugarloaf/USA competition center and the Sugarloaf/USA Ski Club.

Also at the Sugarloaf/USA base Area is Village Center. Village Center consists of The Sugarloaf Ski Shop, Burton Retail store, The Bag Restaurant, A laundry center, many condos and a locker room

After Village Center, you can find Village South which consists of The Goldsmith gallery, a locker room and some condos

After Village South, then you have Village West which consists of Some condos, Gepettos restaurant, Birchwood Interiors, An ATM machine, Sugarloaf Security and Carrabasset Valley Police Department, and The Sugarloafer Shop. Downstairs you can find Pinnochios arcade, D'ellies and Sugarloaf Grocery.

I hope this helps, if you need more info, please email me