Sugarloaf Trails

King Pine Summit Terrain
Central mtn Timberline
Superquad Area Double Runner
Whiffletree Base Area
West Mtn

King Pine

King Pine Quad
Freds Pitch
Can't Dog
Upper Boomauger
Misery Whip
Lower Boomauger
Can't Dog -Can't Dog is one of the toughest and longest glades on the map. Cant Dog is located East of Ripsaw, just look for the entrance at the very top of Ripsaw
Freds Pitch -Freds Pitch glade is located between Lower Haulback and Choker. Its steep and holds a lot of snow.
Boomer -Boomer Glade is located left of Flume, its quite short, but its very steep.
Ripsaw -Ripsaw is one of Sugarloaf's "Wild Thing" trails which means there is no snowmaking or grooming and many hazards go unmarked. Ripsaw is home to some of the Loaf's biggest and baddest bumps on the mtn. Ripsaw is located to the skiers right of Haulback, turn left when you get off the King Pine Quad.
Misery Whip -Misery Whip is the old King Pine T-bar line, so it is just a straight trail, but it is steep and bumped up most of the time, so its a lot of fun. It also collects a lot of natural snow, so you can find a lot of powder on this trail, not just after a storm, but after a lot of wind.
Choker -Choker is another one of Sugarloaf's "Wild Thing" trails, its groomed only a few times a year, it has snowmaking capabilities, but is a great natural snow trail. There are some great bumps and is one of the best trails to hit first thing after a storm. You can find fresh tracks well into the afternoon. You can also access the Freds Pitch glade from the skiers right of this trail.
Haulback -Haulback is located under the King Pine Quad, so don't fall, we all know how embarrassing it is to fall under a lift. This trail is a great cruiser for those who like steeps and you can also practice your bump skills on the skiers left side of the trail. On the lower third of the trail is where Fred's Pitch is located and the Freds Pitch glade  is located. Haulback tends to get icy in the afternoon so watch out for that.
Widowmaker -Widowmaker is one of the best cruisers on the mountain and has been used in the past for training by the U.S Ski Team. You access Choker and Flume from this trail. Widowmaker is located to the Skiers left of Haulback, take a right when you get off the King Pine Quad. If your a boarder be sure to have plenty of speed towards the end, because there is a short flat runout at the bottom.
Flume -Flume is located at the bottom of Widowmaker on the skiers right. Its short but a fun trail. Its very steep and tends to be icy at times, but its great after a storm.
Upper Boomauger -Boomauger is a great trail to to ski anytime, it always has great snow no matter what the conditions are like on other trails. This is the trail to ski after a storm, you can find fresh tracks for hours after the snow stops falling. Boomauger is located between Ramdown and White Nitro.
Ramdown -Ramdown is the easiest way down from the King Pine Quad, just take a right when you get off the lift. Its a great cruiser that can be uncrowded even on weekends. It is definetly a great trail to ski first thing in the morning. the very top can get icy so be careful.
Lower Boomauger -Lower Boomauger is a great trail to practice your turns, its always quiet and groomed to perfection, You can access This trail from Ramdown, Mid station X-Cut and of course just continue from Upper Boomauger
Skyline and Central Mtn Terrain

Skyline Bateau T-Bar
Stump Shot
Sluice Chute
Blade Glade
Sluice Headwall
Can't Hook Glade
Spillway X-Cut
Lower White Nitro
Lower Bubblecuffer
Upper Bubblecuffer
Pick Pole
Upper Gondi Line
Winters Way
Mid Station X-Cut
Lower Gondi Line
Upper Tote Road
Upper Narrow Gauge
Stump Shot -Stump Shot, formally Max Headroom, is one of the best glades on Sugarloaf, its steep and always has great snow. You can always ski this glade very late in the spring. To get to Stump Shot take a left when you get off the Spillway chair, the entrance is between Winters way and Gondi Line.
Blade Glade -Blade Glade is located a little further down Spillway X-Cut, past Stump Shot, between Bubblecuffer and White Nitro. This glade usually has a lot of powder at the top, but can be blown off in the middle.
Can't Hook -Cant' Hook is located between White Nitro and Lower Powder Keg, its not a very big glade, but its still a lot of fun
Kurf -Kurf glade is located between Lower Spillway and Lower Sluice. This glade hasn't been cleaned out in a few years, so it can take a lot of snow to make it skiable.
Lower White Nitro -If you like Steeps, then White Nitro is the trail for you, its one of the steepest trails in the East. This is definetly a no fall zone, it can often get a little icy in the afternoon
Upper Bubblecuffer -Bubblecuffer is a classic New England style trail, its skinny and winding and its one of Sugarloaf's "Wild Thing" trails, it has no snowmaking and is never groomed, its usually covered in nice big bumps. A trail you dont want to miss after a storm. Bubblecuffer is located just past Gondi Line heading from The top of Spillway.
Upper Gondi Line -Gondi Line is another steep trail and its straight with no turns since the old Gondola ran up this trail. Gondi Line is one of the steepest trails in the east, so you dont want to fall on it..
Winters Way -If you want a steep bump trail with tons of snow, this is the trail for you. This is old classic New England Style skiing at its best. This trail is quiet narrow and is hardly ever groomed, so you can look forward to some nice big soft bumps on this trail all the time.
Cribworks -Cribworks may be short, but its still a fun trail, you can find it about halfway down Narrow Gauge
Spillway -Spillway is located directly under the Spillway Chairs, its a great trail to do on your first run and one of the first trails to open for the season
Upper Narrow Gauge -Narrow Gauge is very famous because it is the only FIS certified Downhill Course in the East. This trail is one of the oldest on the mtn and is a great cruiser for all skiers and snowboarders. To get to Narrow Gauge, take a right when you get off the Spillway East Chair, its the first trail on the right or you can take the Superquad and take a left when you get off.
Sluice Chute -Sluice Chute is a very short trail just above Sluice Headwall, this trail is steep and narrow and can be icy at times. Sluice Chute is the first trail you come to as you ski across the Spillway X-Cut
Sluice Headwall -Sluice Headwall is located under the top of the Spillway East Chair, just above the top of The Spillway and Sluice trails, its quite steep and can be a little icy, but is a lot of fun in the powder
West Sluice Chute -West Sluice Chute is located above Sluice Headwall, take a right when you get off the Spillway East chair and its the first trail you come to.
Spillway X-Cut -Spillway X-Cut runs from the top of Spillway and heads to the King Pine area. You can access some of Sugarloaf's toughest trails from this trail. It is an advanced trail because is is very narrow and can be icy at times.
Wedge -Wedge is a great cruiser, it starts at the mid station x-cut just below White Nitro and winds its way back to the bottom of Spillway. You can access the very top part of Rookie River from the middle of this trail
Lower Bubblecuffer -Lower Bubblecuffer is almost as tough as Upper Bubblecuffer, but its not quite as steep, but its still bumped up. Also be sure to watch out for rocks, big and small
Pick Pole -Pick Pole is a cross cut trail that leads from the top of the Spillway West chair, across Narrow Gauge, Comp Hill, Skidder, Hayburner, Kings Landing and Double Bitter over to Tote Road and the Timberline Quad
Sluice -Before The Superquad was installed and Kings Landing was cut, Sluice was one of the most popular trails. This trail is great for practicing those high speed turns. Sluice is located next to Spillway
Mid Station X-Cut -Mid Station X-Cut leads from Sluice over to Ramdown
Lower Gondi Line -Lower Gondi Line isnt as steep as Upper Gondi Line, but it still provides great challenge and is great for cruising. This trail is also used many times for race training ans is also a great powder run after a storm
Upper Tote Road .-Tote Road is the trail for you if you like to cruise, take a right off Spillway East and Cruise for over 3 miles back to the bottom
Superquad Terrain
Swedish Fiddle Hayburner
Ram Pasture Spurline
Kick Back Double Bitter
Skidder Pinch
Upper Sheerboom Kings Landing
Haywire Candyside
Stomping Grounds Bridle Chain
Chaser Tote Road
Sugarloaf Halfpipe Gin Pole
Comp Hill Peavy X-Cut

Sugarloaf Superquad

Swedish Fiddle -Swedish Fiddle is located between Kings Landing and Hayburner. You can usually ski parts of this glade before we get a lot of natural snow because of the blowover from snowmaking on Kings Landing
Ram Pasture -Ram Pasture is located on Lower Tote Road. This is a great glade to practice your tree skiing, its not very steep and the trees are more spaced than in the other glades
Kick Back -Kick Back is one of the newest glades on the mtn, it is located between Skidder and Hayburner.
Skidder -Skidder is one of the premier bump trails in the east. This trail is covered in some of the best bumps you can find anywhere. To ski Skidder take a right when you get off the Superquad and its the first trail on the right.
Upper Sheerboom -Sheerboom is one of Sugarloaf's Wild Thing Trails, its never been touched by a groomer or snowmaker. Sheerboom offers some great bumps, but is also under the superquad, so if you dont like skiing under lifts, this is not the trail for you.
Haywire -Haywire is located just below chicken pitch on Tote Road, it connects to The Stomping Grounds terrain park.
Stomping Grounds -If you like Terrain Parks, then this is the trail for you, you can find big and small jumps and rails. This is where CVA trains there freestyle skiers.
Chaser -This trail is basically where the Halfpipe is.
Sugarloaf Halfpipe -This past summer Sugarloaf built a 2nd Superpipe, so this year, the old Halfpipe will have 10 -12 foot falls and will have terrain park features.
Hayburner -Hayburner is a great cruiser, but can sometimes be quite crowded on weekends. Hayburner is located between Skidder and Kings Landing
Spurline -Spurline is located between Tote Road and Double Bitter, it starts just above Chicken Pitch on Tote Road and ends on Double Bitter, just above Tote Road X-Cut.
Double Bitter -Double Bitter is one of the best trails on the mtn, its great when its groomed and its even better when its left to get bumped up. If we get a storm this is one of the trails to hit. Its skinny and windy.
Comp Hill -Comp Hill is used as the main competition trail for CVA and other race teams
Pinch -Pinch is the trail that goes from the top of the superquad over to Tote Road.
Kings Landing -Kings Landing is one of Sugarloaf's best cruisers, its got a great fall line, but tends to become quite crowded on weekends since it is one of the most popular trails. this is one of the first trails to open in the early season.
Candyside -Candyside is located at the bottom of Kings Landing and Hayburner. Candyside is a great trail to cruise on, but can become quite crazy at times especially on weekends with people screaming down Kings Landing and Hayburner
Bridle Chain -Bridle Chain goes from Tote Road to the Timberline quad, its a blue trail and it can become quite icy as the day goes on due to the amount of traffic this trail recieves throughout the day.
Tote Road -Tote Road is everyone's favorite cruising trail at the Loaf and at over 3 miles long it is one of the longest intermediate trails in the east.
Gin Pole -Gin Pole goes from The Superquad over to the top of Spillway West
Peavy X-Cut -Peavy X-Cut is a trail that leads from Tote Road over to The Spillway Chairs
Whiffletree Terrain

Whiffletree Superquad
Cross Haul
Jill Poke
Moose Alley
Lower Buckboard
Lower Pole Line
Lomboard X-Cut
Rollway Upper Rookie River
Cruiser Lower Rookie River
Buckboard Brocolli Garden
Springboard Stubs Glade
Upper Pole Line Blueberries Grove
Upper Rookie River -Rookie River is probably the most exciting glade, but one of the toughest on the mtn. You can access this glade from the bottom of Wedge or from the bridge on Lombard X-Cut. The Top part can be quite sketchy with ice, open water and fally half buried trees but then opens up and has good flow.
Lower Rookie River -Lower Rookie River is located off of Condo X-Cut about 100 yards below the end of Upper Rookie River.
Brocolli Garden -Brocolli Garden glade is located on the skiers right of Buckboard, there is an entrance at the top of buckboard. This is a really fun glade used by a lot of ski school classes because of its gentle pitch and nicely spaced trees.
Stubs Glade -This glade is located next to the Stubs Trail, its kind of flat, but holds a lot of snow.
Blueberry's Grove -This is the one of the newest glades at Sugarloaf, it is located between Cruiser and Whiffletree and offers a gentle pitch.
Cruiser -Cruiser is a great name for this trail, because if you like to cruise, then this is the trail for you, and its usually not too crowded, plus Cruiser is home to a small terrain park called The Quarantine Zone. To get to Cruiser, take a right when you get off the Whiffletree quad, ski down whiffletree a little ways and the entrance is on your right.
Buckboard -If you want a great cruiser that is virtually uncrowded, Buckboard is the trail for you. It is always groomed and you hardly ever see anybody else on it. On a powder day you can get fresh tracks all day. Buckboard also provides ski in-ski out access to many of the condos on the mountainside road. To get to Buckboard, you can either take a left when getting off the Whiffletree quad and its the first trail on the left or take a right and ski under the quad and keep going right.
Springboard Springboard is the old Whiffletree t-bar line, so its a straight trail. Its a great cruiser for intermediates who are quick on there feet. Springboard is located to the skiers left of the Whiffletree trail
Upper Pole Line -Pole Line runs parrallel to Springboard, its a straight trail, but a little wider and has a string of telephone poles running all the way up the trail. This trails is a great cruiser, but is also a good bump trail.
Slasher -Slasher is located about halfway down whiffletree on the left, it leads over to the top of The Landing and the bottom of the New Superpipe.
Jill Poke -Jill Poke is a steep, but short trail just above Cruiser under the Whiffletree Quad
Moose Alley -Moose Alley is a trail designed with kids in mind, its home to Amos the Moose, his house is located at the beginning of the trail. This trail is twisty and turny with lots of banked turns. Moose Alley is located just a little ways down Cruiser on the Right.
Tohaul -Tohaul is a great cruising trail that leads from the top of The Whiffletree Quad to the bottom of the King Pine quad.
Lombard X-Cut -The Lombard X-Cut is a trail that leads from the top of whiffletree to the bottom of spillway. You access Rookie River from from this trail
Whiffletree -Whiffletree is located under the Whiffletree quad and is one of easiest trails on the mountain.
Cross Haul -Cross Haul lets you ski from the base of King Pine back to Whiffletree
Stubs -Stubs is named after Stub Taylor, Sugarloaf's first Ski Patroller. This trail starts about halfway down Buckboard and crosses Cross Haul and ends up at the Glade Court condos.
Lower Buckboard -Lower Buckboard provides ski in ski out access to a lot of condos on the mountainside road
Lower Pole Line -
Rollway -Rollway is a short trail at the top of Whiffletree that bypasses a steep section of Upper Whiffletree.
West Mountain Terrain

West Mountain
Raker Tooth
Lower Windrow
Lower Glancer
Upper Scoot
Lower West Mountain
Upper Windrow
West Mountain X-cut
Upper Glancer
Back Cut
Upper West Mountain
Lower Binder
Good Chance X-Cut
Lower Scoot
Bucksaw X-Cut
Raker Tooth -Raker Tooth is located at the top of Windrow, its got a really nice pitch and was cleaned up not too long ago.
Boomscooter -Boomscooter was new last season, it is located between Glancer and Windrow, its not very steep, but its still fun.
Upper Scoot -Scoot is one of the best intermediate cruisers on the mtn. It is uncrowded and always groomed to perfection
Upper Windrow -Windrow is located under the bucksaw chair, its straight and a little steep at the top, then flattens out offering great terrain to carve.
Upper Glancer -Glancer is one of the best kept secrets on the mtn. Its great on a powder day and is one of the last trails to be tracked up. Glancer is located next to windrow.
Upper West Mountain -West Mtn is located under the West Mountain Chair, The upper portion has a good pitch and is fun to ski on crowded days when crowds never venture past Bucksaw.
Lower Binder -Lower Binder offers ski in ski out access for the Timbers.
Lower Scoot -Lower Scoot also provides ski in ski out acces for the Timbers
Lower Windrow -Lower Windrow is located under the Bucksaw Chair and offer a great pitch for carving. There are now 2 bridges towards the bottom of the trail to go over the timbers road.
Lower Glancer -Lower Glancer is quite flat and winds through the woods, its a great trail to ski to get away from the crowds.
Lower West Mountain -Lower West Mountain is quite flat, its mainly used for ski in ski out access to the homes on West Mountain.
West Mountain X-cut -West Mountain X-Cut is probably the longest x-cut at Sugarloaf. It begins at the mid station of the West Mountain Chair and ends up at the bottom of Bucksaw. This trail is quite flat so I wouldn't recommend trying this on a snowboard. If you dont have enough speed before you enter the trail, you will have to pole a long ways.
Back Cut -Back Cut was cut this past summer as a water line for The Timbers, it looks like it has more of a pitch than the west mtn x-cut.
Horseshoe -Horseshoe offers some of the best views Sugarloaf has to offer.
Good Chance X-Cut -Good Chance starts at Scoot and goes across Windrow and Glancer over to Horseshoe
Bucksaw X-Cut -Bucksaw X-Cut goes from the top of Bucksaw over to Tote Road.
Summit Terrain

High Rigger Powder Keg
Pure Heat White Nitro
Jagger Bubblecuffer Ext
Ignitor Gondi Ext
High Rigger -High Rigger is the backside of Sugarloaf/USA, nowhere in the east can you ski above timberline. This trail when open is loaded with tons of powder and it takes a lot to open. High Rigger usually doesn't open until march when the snowfall has really added up, but in some years High Rigger has been skiable as early as late December. To get to High Rigger hike up to the cell phone tower from the top of Timberline
Pure Heat -Pure Heat is also located on the backside, it is commonly referred to as the first chute of the backside. When open Pure Heat has tons of powder and nice soft bumps. You dont realize it, but your skiing over trees that could be over 10 feet tall.
Jagger -Jagger is located on the East side of the Front face
Ignitor -Ignitor is located between Jagger and Powder Keg, its wide open and can be quite windblown at times
Powder Keg -Powder is part of the name for a good reason, when it snows and when snow is made on White Nitro, Powder Keg collects tons of snow. Powder Keg is located to the skiers right of White Nitro
White Nitro -White Nitro is the only trail in the snowfields that ever gets touched by a groomer and has snowmaking capability. This is a great trail when it has snow, but can get skied off and become icy so be sure to ski this trail early in the morning
Bubblecuffer Ext -Bubblecuffer ext. is located just before you get to White Nitro.
Gondi Ext -Gondi Ext isn't open all that often even when there was a lot of snow.

Timberline Quad Terrain

Timberline Quad
Winters Way Ext. Cinder Hoe
Narrow Gauge Ext Timberline
Binder Ext Tote Road Ext
Winters Way Ext. -Winters Way Ext is located about halfway down Narrow Gauge Ext on the right. It needs a lot of snow to be open, its short but its a fun steep trail
Narrow Gauge Ext -Take a left when you get off the Timberline chair, this is a great cruiser with an amazing view
Binder Ext -Binder ext is located to the right of the timberline chair
Buckskin -This trail was cut when the Timberline chair lift line was cut. This trail is very skinny and has some decent snow, but gets bumped up quite fast.
Cinder Hoe -Cinder Hoe is the old Timberline T-Bar line, since it was a lift line it is a straight trail. It has a great pitch and you can get in some nice turns, plus this trail is very uncrowded. Cinder Hoe is to the right when you get off the Timberline Chair.
Timberline -Timberline is a great cruising trail for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, it has some great views and you can find 2 of Sugarloaf's best glades on this trail.
Tote Road Ext -Tote Road Ext. can be found by taking a left when you get off the Timberline Chair.
Double Runner Terrain

Double Runner East Double Runner West

Lower Winters Way
Lower Narrow Gauge
Condo X-Cut
Pipeline Superpipe

Boardwalk Boardwalk is located under the double runner chairs and is great for beginners who have mastered The Landing, its nice and wide with a gentle pitch. On the Skiers right side of the trail you can find the race arena that is sometimes open on weekends.
Lower Winters Way New this season for Lower Winters Way is Snowmaking. Thanks to the new Pipe line tral and Superpipe, Sugarloaf can now make snow on Lower Winters Way. This trail is great for beginners who dont want to ski under the double runner chairs and it has a gentle slope and is uncrowded.
Lower Narrow Gauge This is another one of Sugarloaf's great beginner trails, not only is it great for learning, but it is also part of the legendary race trail that hosted the 1971 World Cup. This is not a slow skiing trail so be careful.
Condo X-Cut This trail leads from the double runner chairs to the Whiffletree area, it is quite flat but provides for a great way to get to the condos on the east side and and the lower whiffletree area trails.
Gypo When the Chevy Truck US National Alpine Championships came to Sugarloaf they said that Lower Narrow Gauge was too straight, so this trail was cut to provide a bend in the course.
Picaroon Picaroon is basically the same as Gypo and was cut for the same reason.
Pipeline This is a new trail for Sugarloaf, it is located next to Lower Winters Way and will have a new terrain Park.
Pipeline Superpipe Sugarloaf's 2nd Superpipe. This Pipe was constructed over the summer and is located just below the new pipeline trail, next to Lower Winters Way and Above The Landing.
Base Area Terrain

Snubber Triple Sawduster Skidway

The Landing
The Birches
The Landing The Landing is one of the learning slopes and is located in front of the base lodge and is serviced by the Skidway Chair
The Birches The Birches is located behind the base lodge in front of the Sugarloaf Inn. Its has a great slope for beginners.
Snowbrook The Snowbrook trail is located just below the birches and continues on to the bottom of the Snubber chair. This trail is great for beginners who like to practice there skills on a nice long trail. This trail also provides ski in ski out access to many condos.