Swimming in The Valley
Carrabassett Valley is Home to the Carrabassett River Huston Brook, Poplar Stream and the Carrabassett Town Pool, so you can find numoures swim holes, plus Myers Beach and Round Barn are close by
North End Spring Farm At the North end of Spring Farm there is a small turnout, park there and walk just 30 feet or so and you will see a path, just a short easy walk.  Its all ledge to the water, there is  beach on the othe side. 
Packards Pool Located just south of the south end of Spring Farm, parking is limited but the side of the road is best.  It is a huge ledge with a large deep swim hole.  there is a small sandy beach just downstream.
Huston Brook falls Turn on to the Carriage road, 1/4 mile take a left, then about 2.8 miles out you will see a small turnout, park there and walk back down the road, you will see a trail, its just a 5 minute hike.  There is a small beach and cliffs to jump off.
Carrabassett Town pool Located at The Town Park, the Town pool is open most days in the afternoon
Carriage Road Bridge Park at  the town park, either side of the bridge has some great swim holes
Round Barn
S Turns
Narrow Gauge As you are running, walking or biking on The Narrow Gauge you will notice several deep swim holes, several of these have pick nick tables
West Mtn Falls Located at the Sugarloaf Golf Course, just before the parking lot is a turnout, the trail is about 50 feet down the road, the hike is about 30 minutes. You will find a pretty big farely deep swimhole
Myers Beach